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New Year, New Role Announcement

As we look back at 2020 on the major growth curves, the team at Abraflex has shown they are strong and devoted to supporting the Canadian Nuclear Industry. We are proud of the group of individuals at Abraflex for the consistent enthusiasm, motivation, true teamwork to get the job done while keeping safety in mind at all times. Abraflex is moving into 2021 with much excitement as we welcome another team member…

We are very pleased to announce the addition of Fernand Desbiens to the team. Fern is local to the area and comes to us with over 40 years in the Nuclear Industry, 33 of which at Bruce Power. Fern’s Portfolio includes Operational Specialist- Field Shift Operator Supervisor including Unit 0, MPO, and 13 years in various roles such a Lead Auditor under Nuclear Oversight Regulatory Affairs, and Lead Investigator just to name a few.

He has a passion for the Nuclear Industry and is committed to sharing his experience and lessons learned with the next generation. Fern will be working hands-on with team members, providing training on techniques or methods to ensure safe and effective work. His quality management skills will be a great asset to the company. He also expects to be a large player in the Quality Management system and Quality designation. Fern will be a great role model at Abraflex, many great and exciting times will come in 2021!

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